Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We have been very busy this year and we now have a new store front and shoowroom.
We are have many scooters and accessories in stock.We can also provide all service and upgrades on site. I have been doing many scooter upgrades and performance builds and we have this down to a science.

If you need more power we got you covered. More top speed , got it. More hill power , got it.
We also have our a.t.v.'s in stock and ready to handle all of your christmas needs.We have some great 110cc a.t.v.'s for kids to start out on and some for the more experienced.We also upgrade and repair them all so.

We also now have TGB scooters and they are sweet. I just did upgrades on two of our models, the RM50 and the Key Largo 50 both of these turned out great .
They both got full upgrades from big bore cylinder , piston and exhaust to total transmission upgrade .These scooters are top notch and really move out now.Check them out on our site under PEIRSPEED.

Well I must get back to the shop got lots of work to do.So check us out at www.scootertronics.com for all your scooter needs.
Tommy Thunder

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We have expanded our show room

Scootertonics has new show room!!

Well the long awaited show room is now here.We have moved to the front building at our Sykesville location.We still have back warehouse and it will still be used for the shop and for ATVs and large scooters.We also will be stocking much more upgrade and performance parts at this location.

We will also have a meeting place for local clubs to meet .We will offer discounts for club members that use this.So if you have a club in Maryland/PA. and need a meeting place we got you covered.We also will be offering scooter repair courses for those who want to learn to work on their scooters.So if you have been here before come and see the new show room and if you haven't been here before what are you waiting for. Come down and meet the crew at scootertronics you will learn a lot and might just find the scooter you have been looking for.
Come out and find the perfect exhaust for your scooter
Or come and see our scooters and find one just right for you.
From scooters to performance parts we have it all here at scootertronics.
Well back to work I go
Please all be safe out there and burn rubber not the soul
also check out scootertronics at our myspace www.myspace.com/scootertronics

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great day for a scooter ride

Riding in the Catoctin Mountains
by Tommy Thunder

Hey Tommy Thunder here,

Today after the rain from the last two days has seemed to leave the area its time for a ride.

I took my 150 classic for a ride up the mountain.Were I live is some of the most beautiful area to ride scooters or motorcycles. The road I live on brings you to the base of the Catoctin Mountains in Mountain dale you come down Mountain dale Rd. off Rt.15 and take to end .Make a right and you are headed up the mountain.You will pass some beautiful Appalachian cabins and chalets then the pavement turns to packed gravel road.This terrain is a little tricky for the novice rider but those with experience will have no problem. As you go up you will pass a beautiful lake on the left than the road will fork to left and right.Today I took the left .This route takes you along a large creek that has many great places to pull over and just enjoy the surroundings.

You can follow this all the way up or take the first right you come to.This is the way I went today.This will turn in to a narrow paved road for a while and goes up at a very large grade.The leaves are just starting to turn and it was very beautiful half way up is a great place to stop and take a break.You can continue up to top where to road comes to a tee where to day I went right this will take you to Gambrils park Rd. I took a right and went down till I hit the gravel again ,This will take me back along the ridge line and then back down the mountain and come out where I started.I had a great ride and if anyone is intrested in some fall riding get back to me .

Well time to go out to the shed and clean the scooter I took out today. What a great day!!!!!!

Stay safe out there

Tommy Thunder

Friday, September 26, 2008

Long day in shop and gig with the band tonite

Hey Tommy Thunder here

It has been a long day here .Got lots off work done and got to finish up Polini 50cc x3 water cooled motard.
This bike is bad ass engine rips .I tweaked the carb and installed a new two pad clutch and clutch bell.The original clutch was wasted no pad left at all .It was a three pad clutch.
This bike is ridden by an adult and the two pads will be much better for the heavier rider.When I took it out it really ripped kinda scary fast in the top end.

We also worked on a couple of 150 Scooters that came in for service and spent some time in a pair of Hammerhead 150 go carts . They have been all modified from pipe ,carb to complete Doctor pulley clutch and weights. A kevlar belt is a must as these came in and both had broke belts.At the time of upgrade they were not available and we found that they are a must in carts .

Well I am getting ready to do a gig with one of my bands YDOUASK (why do you ask) at a place called
Meicho's in Reisterstown Md. Stop out all invited.We play The Dead,Hendrix,Dilan and much more it that style


well gotta go got customers
Tommy Thunder

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tommy Thunders Scooters

Some of Tommy Thunders Scooters

Since I run the shop over here at Scootertronics I have a chance to better our scooters

This is one of my scooters with my boy posing for me Owen after a ride up in the mountains in Thurmont where we live .yYou can find this scooter on our site I ride almost everyday and since I work down at the Scootertronics shop from morning to night I found my self doing at lot of night driving . I have been doing some great light upgrades for me to see better and for every one to see me better. The picture above is before I did anything with the lighting .Now so far I have changed the tail light and brake light and have added rear running/marker lights . I will be adding the front yellow markers lights this Sunday

This is the stock rear light and the one at the top is the stock This is rear tail and side markers after

This is before side markers .Now they took a little bit of customizing . I had to drill a few holes in body panels to install them.The rear tail and brake lights I used a lot of mounting from the old tail brackets.Now this is not to hard to do but you should have some mechanical mskills and proper tools .I will be putting some light kits togeather for those who are interested.It will be available soon as all testing is done

I also have done some other electric upgrades and they have been working great .I have put in duel battery system . I have been trying this out a few different ways and so far has been working great .I can use it as back up or run at same time to charge and run all excessories with out as much stain magneto. I can run two 50 watt plus my stock head light my stereo system , my gps ,a small outlet that has three cigarette lighter type insert power supply with 3 outputs .One I use for rechargeable light made for that socket The rest for what ever I need later .The unit also lights up in blue. I also installed a three light on my windshield that points down a my gauges and lights the light blue . So far I have ran the scooter at least 100 miles all at night with every thing on and my alternator gage still shows I am charging and the Batteries have be staying charged. When I have proved the system well I will make it available at http://www.scootertronics.com/ I first want to try the front lower marker lights and under seat light and test all new components.As it stand all is working out great

These are the holes I had to drill This is the finished product

This is my fuse block and duel setup 55 watt bulbs one on each side

gauge cluster lighting power supply w/usb

the scoots above we race for SRC (SCOOTERTRONICS RACE CREW) and I will talk more on this in another post
The scoot above is a 1965 Vespa 125 Allstate that I am restoring for myself .Can't wait to ride her but I am doing it from top to bottom I will do a great post on the job and took lots of pics and videos.
Well they are some of my rides and I have a few more I will talk on later but for now peace to all
and be safe out there
Tommy Thunder

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scooters with Tommy Thunder

Tommy Thunder talks about scooter engine builds for Scootertronics

Hey Tommy Thuder here . Just finished up an upgrade at the shop down at Scootertronics man it really rips . It was an RSM 50cc Blazer and it was pretty slow from start to top end . So we decided to add an 80 cylinder kit and head.We also installed a Prodigy clutch and clutch bell , Kelar belt and Doctor pulley slider weights (5.5 gr.) I also installed a larger jet and an Emgo air filter. When I pulled it down off the lift it really ripped.I did think that I might try a blue torqe spring though or up a little on the weight for this scoot and owner but we'll see it does great now!

When doing these upgrades
jetting and air filter should
also be done.


There are now many great parts to make these 139QMB engines rip and We have tried them all and we know what works best. I also am tring new parts,upgrades and knowlage everyday to make these scooters do their best in performance and durability.I have a blast building and testing our scooter projects . Here is a few pics of some other engine I am doing and have done. Look at the piston size differance from stock to upgrade
This one is an Apachee 50cc four stroke that got an 85cc kit larger carb and whole trans kit.

This one is one that got an 85cc kit a larger carb fuel full trans. Also got an MRP V8 pipe. That really brought out the power .The scooter also got hot coil , CDI, and fuel system upgrade.

When doing these type of upgrades we recomend using a Kevlar drive belt.To handle the power.

I have built many scooters and if you are building your own or you have us or someone else (Good Luck) do any of these upgrades alway use a Kevlar belt . If not you will not get full potential of the power and you will also get a little more just out of the belt. I ride scooters on the road, I race them we ride them in the mountains were I live and they are put to the test.The first thing that will fail if not upgraded will be your belt.
These next ones are some two strokes I have done just to check out.
I will be post here regulerly so check back and see what I can do to help you get your scooter where you need it to be performance and reliability

These are just a couple of two strokes getting 79cc kits and pipes and the trans or course.
One is a Kymco two are Yamati's . Turbo Kit pipes ,double and single tips which I will talk about in another post.

I also like to upgade all fuel and vacume lines ,fuel filters and petcocks before I return the engines to there scooter .There are many upgades you can do your self just checkus out we will help you get to where you need to be.

Well thats all for now .I just wanted to show so of our stuff we are doing .We do more and try more everyday.Stay on the topside.
Tommy Thunder